Buy American...Flags!


Did you know that well over 10 Million American Flags are imported into the USA each year?

Our government took note of this and bipartisan members of the House introduced the “All-American Flag Act” in June 2017. This bill would require all flags purchased by the federal government to be manufactured entirely in the United States.  This means everything from the raw materials through to the craftsmanship would be grown and produced here in the United States.  This never made it through the senate!

Yes, today federal agencies are bound by the “Buy American Act” which requires that a minimum of 50% of the material that makes up a flag is made in America, but this legislation is only for federal agencies which purchase just a little over 100,000 flags per year. 

Most of the 10 million imported flags are not the large commercial variety found at car dealerships and banks, but are the ones you see hanging on your front porch.  Smaller 3’ x 5’ flags and 4’ x 6’ flags make up the majority.  So, the next time you are not happy with how long your flag lasts, or the color just doesn’t look right, you might understand why.  Make sure you buy your flag from a supplier that can assure you that their product is 100% made in the USA!  Try for example.